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Japan Healthcare Study Tour 2017

How to be LEAN investing in innovation?



Dear Sirs!
We would like to invite you to yet another edition of our Japan  Healthcare Tour. During this tour we will visit state-of-the-art hospitals, laboratories and medical institutions focused on innovations. They are leading Japanese medical research centres and healthcare units management centres in Japan. Each of the tour participants will also participate in a number of lectures on healthcare system in Japan and in workshops on implementing lean management concept in healthcare. Workshops and lectures will be made by Polish and Japanese who will accompany us during our tour and by directors of the Japanese medical centres.

We address our invitation to managers of healthcare units, representatives of self-governments and organs performing ownership supervision over public and private hospitals, as well as to all the people seeking effective solutions that may help “cure” situation in the public healthcare institutions.

During the tour we will put emphasis on transferring Japanese management solutions to the Polish market. We will take advantage of the experience and solutions used by representatives of managerial staff of Japanese hospitals. Managers will share their experience with us and present the most effective Lean solutions applied in their organisations as well as the most up-to-date technological achievements, such as use of artificial intelligence in the process of treatment.

Examples of benefits gained be hospitals upon implementation of selected lean management and kaizen tools:

  • Increase of productiveness by 75% as regards clinical services provision
  • Limitation of space necessary for materials storaging by 70%
  • Increase of hospital productivity by 20%
  • Increase of effectiveness by 5% and shortening outpatients list by 75%

The tour is a perfect solution for all open-minds interested in implementing new solutions and increasing quality of healthcare services in Poland.

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With best regards,
Konrad Kaczmarczyk
General Manager

Letter of Recommendation from the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Tokyo


Day I. Friday,29.09.2017

Flight to Tokyo

Day II. Saturday, 30.09.2017

Arrival to Tokyo
A whole day city-tour of Tokyo

Day III Sunday, 01.10.2017

6:00-9:00 Breakfast
9:30-12:00 Visit to St Lukes Hospital in the company of its director Prof. Tsuguya Fukuji e- kaizen, i.e. new technologies in healthcare unit management  

15:00-19:00 Conference in the Embassy of the Republic of Poland with participation of:

Pharmaceutical associate Japan, Japan Federation Of Medical Devices Association, JAMDI, Japan Association of Medical Equipment, Medical Technology Association of Japan, Japan Medical Practice Association, National hospital Association Japan, STOMOZ, Polish Hospital Federation, ALAB

Lecture „Co-ordinated Healthcare in relations to Lean Management themes in Poland, Japan and in the world” Jarosław J. Fedorowski, Prof. nadzw. MD, PhD, MBA President of the Polish Hospital Federation; Governor (PL) and a member of the European Hospital Federation Board HOPE, President of the Board of the Polish Association of Managed Care

Lecture „Organisation of a Polish Hospital at the Example of a Psychiatric Hospital”  dr.Iwona Mazur, president of STOMOZ

Lecture „Japan Healthcare innovation” Prof Tsuguya Fukuji director of St Lukes Hospital Tokyo

Discussion panel with Japanese managers:

  • Organisation of the healthcare system – financing of services, identifying healthcare needs.
  • Healthcare manager career – pro-effectiveness solutions.
  • Cooperation of different healthcare sectors professionals: doctors – nurses – midwives – physiotherapists – others – in creating therapeutic teams. 
  • Aging of the healthcare staff – need of young human resources; Japanese problems connected with lack of doctors and nurses: are they the same as in Europe? 
  • Medical crisis management – organization of medical emergency response system and acute care, preparing society for sudden events (earthquakes, typhoons), engagement of civil defence in cooperation with healthcare services, organising an popularisation of first aid among people without medical education and kids

Lecture and discussion: „What do Toyota production system and healthcare units optimisation have in common?”, Asano Nobuhis 

19:00-20:30 Evening festive welcome dinner

Day IV Monday, 02.10.2017

6:00-8:00 Breakfast
9:30-12:00 Visit to  Yokohama City University, innovative laboratory
14:00-16:00 Visit to Life Science Innovation in Japan - Japanese start-ups in Healthcare

Day V Tuesday, 03.10.2017

8:00-9:00 Breakfast
10:00-12:00 Visit to Tokyo Koto Geriatrics Medical Centre Coordinated care
14:00-16:30 Visit to The National Cancer Research Centre Tokyo Artificial Intelligence in Cancer treatment
17:00-18:30 Dinner

Day VI Wednesday, 04.10.2017 

6:00-7:30 Breakfast
8:03-10:08 Travel to Nagoia by bullet
11:00-12:30 Visit to Toyota Factory „Benchmark Lean Management, how has it begun?” Mikiharu Aoki
12:30-13:30 Lunch
13:30-15:30 Visit to Toyota Memorial Hospital Visit „What do Toyota production system and hospital systems optimisation have in common?”
18:00-19:00 Dinner

Day VII Thursday, 05.10.2017

6:00-8:00 Breakfast
8:30-10:00 Visit to Japan Clinical Laboratories
10:00-13:00 Goodbye walk around Kyoto
Evening flight to Europe


Day VIII, Friday 06.10.2017

Visiting Kyoto, visit to a Buddhist temple Kinkakuji – the famous golden pavilion, visit to Fushimi Inari –The Temple of Thousand Gates of Torii, walk through Higashiyama and Gion where geishas live and work.
Visit to the best world whiskey distillery - Yamazaki

Day IX Saturday, 07.10.207

Hakone/ Fuji volcano. A locality on Honsiu island, in Kanagawa prefecture, at the foot of the Fuji Mountain. Cruise on the lake and return to Tokyo in the evening.

Day XI Sunday, 09.10.2017

Flight to Europe


We address our invitation to managers of healthcare units, representatives of self-governments and organs performing ownership supervision over public and private hospitals, as well as to all the people seeking effective solutions that may help “cure” situation in the public healthcare institutions.

Thanks to discussions, workshops and meetings with healthcare centres and factories managers everyone will have a chance to benchmark key processes in their own institutions. Exchange of knowledge between the tour participants will also be a valuable source of ideas and inspiration. It will all take place right in the heart of the KAIZEN philosophy – in Japan. 


Toyota Memorial Hospital
The hospital was established soon before the 2nd World War, in 1938, together with Toyota Koromo Plant (currently Honsha Plant). It’s activities got re-established in 1942. The hospital is an excellent example of a business model in which a medical institution is privately owned by an entity the main activities of which are not linked to healthcare. Patients of the hospital are mainly employees of the concern and their families. Currently the hospital is servicing wider community, being a regional healthcare centre. During our visit we will have an opportunity to get to know kaizen activities, process improvement tools, such as 5S, QC (Quality Circles), or visual management. The hospital follows best practices of continuous improvement started in Toyota by Taichi Ohno. 

It’s a leading Japanese hospital that has been helping people for over 110 years, offering them top level healthcare services provided with huge dedication and supported with extensive competence. During our visit we will get acquainted with a model of service activities based on the lean management. The key tools and methods that will be presented to us will be: 5S tools, improvement of service quality and safety lever through implementation of lean tools. The hospital is known for extraordinary healthcare achievements, including both doctors and nurses care, medicine related services and effective and innovative hospital management. The hospital houses, among other things, Centre for Preventive Medicine, aiming at extending healthcare to the diseases prevention area. The way the hospital operates is an example of a synergy of medicine, general healthcare, nursing staff services, as well as education related and scientific activities. The hospital makes it possible for its employees to continuously learn in accordance with kaizen model adopted in Toyota. Thanks to implementation and everyday use of lean management the hospital offers a continuous development system.

Toyota Motors
In order to fully understand Kaizen philosophy that is a heart of changes that need to be implemented in order to move towards lean management, one has to visit a Toyota plant. Walking along the production line, discussions and conversation with the factory employees will help see the constant development idea in practice. It will be possible to observe many Kaizen activities within the organization and practical functioning of the Kanban system. It is one of the most up-to-date factories of the whole corporation. It employs over 5200 people. The factory manufactures over 370 000 units per year. It’s here that the following models are produced: Prius, Prius a, Prius PHV, Camry, Premio, Allion, and Scion tC

The National Cancer Center Tokyo
National Cancer Centrewas established in 1962 as the main oncologic hospital in Japan. Its goal is to develop new treatment methods. Last year it was transformed into the National Research Centre and Development Agency. It is focused on innovations and puts pressure on new treatment methods research carried out together with Universities, using support from the business environment.

Japan Clinical Laboratories
The Company was established in 1965 and it has its headquarters in Kyoto. Since April 1st 2010 Japan Clinical Laboratories, Inc. has been operating as the SRL subsidiary as the clinical research centre. The company also distributes pharmaceutical articles, offers components analysis and nursing services.

Life Science Innovation in Japan
It’s an incubator supporting medical start-ups. Thanks to its collaboration with business it supports creating innovative branches of industry, focusing mainly on medical discoveries.  

Additional meetings with:
Japan Federation Of Medical Devices Association,
JAMDI, Japan Association of Medical Equipment,
Medical Technology Association of Japan
Japan Medical Practice Association,
National hospital Association
Polish Hospital Federation

Opinions of Japan Kaizen Tour participants:

"Our June trip to Japan was a unique professional experience and at the same time a great adventure. During this perfectly prepared tour we had a chance to familiarise ourselves with organisation of healthcare system in Japan, visit hospitals of different profiles and different level reference centres. In self-government managed, private and clinical hospitals we had an opportunity to listen to lectures on health problems in Japan, the way they are solved and hospital management systems. We tried to answer the question how Japanese are able to achieve the highest effectiveness in the world in their healthcare centres, while their healthcare expenditures are lower than the average expenditures in OECD countries. Personally, I was most impressed by people – their diligence and kindness. A clinical centre being in the last stage of research on a vaccine, being at the same time a cure for cancer, and radiotherapy procedures using the latest generation of “Varian” system. On the other hand there are simple organisational and epidemiological solutions, arranging work of the personnel on each stage, transfer of which to our hospitals would be possible without big investments. I need to mention great company of well-experienced healthcare managers from Poland, as well as managers and entrepreneurs representing other sectors. Our common trip giving us a chance to exchange ideas can be considered a value added of the whole project.” Dariusz Oleński MBA, Director of the Provincial Specialist Hospital in Biała Podlaska

„In my opinion „First Japan Kaizen Tour” was an incredibly innovative event on a national scale. For the first time Polish entrepreneurs had a chance to learn Japanese management methods, in particular lean management and kaizen, in a place where they prove most effective – in Japan. Langas Group organised the trip professionally. The whole stay was prepared up to the smallest detail – including all transfers, sight-seeing and visits to factories. You just had to get to the Chopin Airport, and you didn’t need to worry about anything else. Selection of factories that we visited was also well-thought. We had a chance to see factories handling production of trains, cigarettes, robots, and cars – a very attractive variety of trades. It is worth adding that we visited Toyota factory that is considered „the mother of kaizen”. Apart from a substantial learning and sight-seeing programme, Langas Group offered us a possibility to meet a number of Japanese entrepreneurs during a gala dinner organised in the Polish Embassy in Tokyo. I consider the trip a great opportunity to perform an important benchmark of Japanese solutions and to establish many important business contacts. I wish all the Polish entrepreneurs to have such trips organised by Langas Group more often, and I hope that the First Japan Kaizen Tour will be only the first of the whole cycle of high quality trips to Japan.”
dr Marek Krasiński, Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny in Wrocław

„Handling and supporting development projects is my everyday work. I also broaden my knowledge participating in training sessions and reading available literature. However, only by going to Japan and being able to see Japanese factories and systems and talk to Japanese people I could fill the gaps in my knowledge about key elements of the Japanese culture. When you get to know these elements you are finally able to understand what Kaizen actually is, and what the differences between Japanese and Polish approach to the concept are. This is the kind of knowledge I would never find in books or at any training session. Going to Japan I was not able to imagine how much I would learn. This is something worth one’s attention and admiration – discipline and 5S. These elements constitute basis of continuous improvement, but these are the exact elements that are the most problematic for us in Poland. Not all over the country, of course.”
Witold Białczak, Lean Promotion &SixSigma Supervisor TRW Polska


zgłoszenie do 30.06.2017 - 4000 EUR + 23% VAT
zgłoszenie od 01.07.2017 - 4900 EUR + 23% VAT

Informacje dodatkowe:

Application till 30.06.2017 16700 PLN net, additional payment for a single room -  2600 PLN, flight 3600 PLN net
Application from 1.07.2017 18700 PLN net, additional payment for a single room 2600 PLN, flight 3600 PLN net

Extended programme!

Application till30.06.2017 22700 PLN net, additional payment for a single room 3800 PLN net, flight 3600 PLN net
Application from1.07.2017 24700 PLN net, additional payment for a single room3800 PLN net, flight 3600 PLN net


  • Visiting hospitals/factories in a Company of experts and practitioners
  • Content related care of experienced consultants and translator
  • Accommodation in double-rooms
  • Board in accordance with the programme
  • Flights and internal transfers
  • Insurance
  • Certificate
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