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Visit to the most innovative factory in Europe.

Tilburg, Holandia


Dear Sirs,

„The list of people who wouldn’t bother if I disappeared suddenly is growing continuously”− these words of Elon Musk suggest how many enemies he’s earned with the revolution he has started, throwing down the gauntlet to and effectively competing with the giants of the American, Russian and Chinese military, motor, cosmic and energetic industries. Musk’s visionary thinking, his persistence and constant improvements of Tesla cars have placed him among such management gurus like Henry Ford, Sakichi Toyod or Taichi Ohno.This year, during the National Govenenors Association Summer Meeting, Elon Musk said that in 10 years half of the cars produced in the USA would be electric cars and that all of them would be autonomous! A car without a driver is no longer a fiction – they are present, here and now. Have you ever considered the future of other sectors? Have you ever thought how visions, obsessions and determination of one single player can change your business? If you want to experience extraordinary work standards, unique innovation culture, and a way of thinking of Nikola Tesla of our times, we invite you to our 1st Tesla Factory Tour.

During our visit to TESLA Motors factory in Holland you will:

  • take part in Tech Talk with participation of TESLA Motors employees,
  • experience innovation as a disciplined, rational and durable process that may enrich your company irrespectively of the business sector,
  • learn management principles that have placed Tesla concern among the world top game changers,
  • learn disruptive innovation principles and reasons why it is not worth doing the old stuff using new technologies,
  • learn how the most innovative factory in the world works,
  • experience Elon Musk’s integrated system of thinking and operating,
  • talk to mangers of the company managed based on the Industry 4.0 system and the state-of-the-art technologies,
  • learn innovative intralogistics solutions applied in Tesla Motors.




Day I.  Monday - 29.01.2018

8:25 meeting at The air port F.Chopina Warsaw Okęcie
10:25-12:25 Flight : Warsaw Okęcie – Eindhoven

12:45-13:30 transfer to Mercure Tilburg Hotel
13:30 check in
14:15-16:00 dinner

16:30-18:00 Workshop I:“The last driver holder…is already born. How Google, Tesla, Apple, Uber will change our lives, cities and destroy jobs. And why this is good this way
18:30-20:00 Dinner and discussion moderatem by Mario Herger

Day II.  Tuesday - 30.01.2018

7:00-10:00 breakfast
10:00-11:30 Workshop II: Foresight Thinking- discovering and acting on trends before they become trends
11:30-12:00 lunch
12:00-13:00  Workshop III:Intrapreneurship – optimizing The use of human, financial, technical resources, In The development of product and technology innovation, and in the improvement of organizational structures. Creative thinking skills, innovation and action planning, to the implementation phase
13:00-14.20 Workshop IV Creativity Technics - What are creativity techniques and how do they measure them? Review of the most effective- there are over 130
„How The Tesla factory works – assembly plant tour”

  • TECH TALK with Tesla specialist
  • What can we learn from Tesla?

17:00-17:30 transfer to Mercure Tilburg Hotel
18:00 dinner -Summary of the visit

Day III. Wendsday - 31.01.2018

6:30-09:30 breakfast
9;45-10:15 transfer to the airport

12:55-14:40 flight: Eindhoven - Warszawa Okęcie

Factory that we will visit: Tesla Motors, Tilburg–localisation of the Company, not being accidental. Elon Musk has been seeking a strategic localization that would pave a way to the European customers. This idea is favoured by a vicinity of Rotterdam port, where vehicle parts produced in Fremont, California, land. The parts are then assembled on the state-of-the-art assembly line in Tilburg and delivered to the customers of the Old Continent via excellent network of Dutch, German and Belgian highways. Tilburg is a town located in the South of Holland, with its population of 200 thousand people being the sixth biggest locality in the country. In Tilburg Tesla currently produces 20.000 vehicles per year, on the area of ca. 50.000 m2. The factory houses also the main maintenance service as well as the test track that twists around the assembly line situated in the centre of the production hall.


The workshop is addressed at:

  • Company owners, members of management boards, operations, logistics, quality, and production managers’
  • R&D Directors,
  • Mid and top-level managers in production, logistics and service companies,
  • People related to organisations’ development units (kaizen/continuous improvement)
  • Everyone interested in tools improving quality of produced goods and services
  • Project Managers who want to develop their skills and improve effectiveness,
  • People responsible for implementation of new work standards and tools: Lean, TOC, six sigma.


zgłoszenie do 23.12.2017 - 2970 PLN + 23% VAT
zgłoszenie od 24.12.2017 - 3670 PLN + 23% VAT

Informacje dodatkowe:

The price includes:

  • Visit to the factory, lectures
  • Board in accordance with the programme


**Additional payment for 2 nights and breakfast in:   

Double room: 590 PLN net/person
Single room: 970 PLN net/person


Flight – Important information

Additional payment for the flight
Warsaw Okęcie  – Eindhoven – Warszawa Okęcie
(Note!! Price guarantee till 23.12 2017)

- Flight Warsaw Okęcie – Eindhoven – Warsaw - PLN 790  (The price includes hand luggage only)

- Registered luggage up to 23 kg – PLN 140

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