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Japan World 5s & Lean Transformation Summit

How to involve employees in the process of constant improvement that made Japan one of the top world economies, basing on the example of Japanese production and service companies, as well as those operating in the public space?

Japan, Fukuoka/Hiroshima/Kioto/Ashigaka/Tokyo


Dear Sirs,

Japanese philosophy of thinking and acting KAIZEN meaning "continuous improvement" is a part of the Japanese mentality and thus is obvious to them. Proper application of kaizen will translate into improved quality, significant drop in costs and satisfying customer expectations, without a need for significant investments. To achieve these goals it is necessary to apply process standardization tools and eliminate inefficiency.
The answer is the 5S strategy, that is based on the kaizen approach. 5S are the first letters of five Japanese words: series, seiton, seiso, seiketsu, shitsuk (selection, systematics, cleaning, standardization, and self-improvement). Implementation of the 5S System in companies improves organization of workplaces and increases companies’ profitability. The most important benefits of implementing 5S for employees are, above all, greater job satisfaction, elimination of obstacles and frustration at work, and more effective communication with colleagues.

5S and visual management are considered to be the most important lean management tools, implementation of which constitutes basis of all other improvement activities.

During the 7th edition of our trip to Japan, which will take place November 3-11.2018, we will visit not only the largest Japanese factories (Toto, Toyota), but also take part in the 5S Transformation Summit in Ashikaga City. During this event, we will visit the largest Japanese companies producing parts for Shinkansen – super-fast Japanese trains, cars and the aviation industry. These companies build their innovative empires in a balanced manner based on relations with employees, which are considered the essence of the success of Japanese enterprises and society. In addition, we will visit companies operating in the field of environmental protection and recycling, as well as the City Hall and School.


Ashigaka called "5S City" is a city in which the first school in Japan was established. It's a great place to get to know the Japanese management system. The whole society, the city and most of the companies operating here, both in the private and public sector, have implemented 5S. The city authorities, in cooperation with companies and schools, work together to spread this philosophy throughout the country and the world. We will start our tour from the southern part of the country, where we will visit global companies. The tour will end in the north, where we will take part in the 5S Transformation Summit. I invite you to familiarize yourself with our programme and book places today.

Book your place now!

Konrad Kaczmarczyk
General Manager


DAY I. November 3, Saturday

15.40 Flight to Japan (Warsaw−Fukuoka)

DAY II. November 4, Sunday, KYUSHU

12:30 arrival at Fukuoka
14:00 Check-in at the hotel
18:30-21.00 Welcome meeting „Japanese Culture”
Presentation of the tour programme and of Japanese business ethics,
*Networking session, *Dinner at a traditional Japanese restaurant

DAY III. November 5, Monday, KYUSHU

10:00-12:00 Visit to the production plant - TOTO Plant 1 (water taps producer) The production process of bathroom fittings, effective preventive maintenance of machines and devices (Preventive maintenance), an example of a very large delegation of powers to employees, very good use of visual management in the daily management of the factory.
13:00-15:00 Visit to the production plant - Toyota Motor Kyushu (Lexus) Car body construction and car assembly, multimodal lines in practice, Employee Training Centre functioning, Toyota Production System in practice
15:30-16.30 Discussion summarising both visits - Toyota Production System success and how to use it in Polish market conditions.


Visit to the production plant − TOTO Plant 2 (ceramic toilet manufacturer). Production process of sanitary ceramics in extremely clean conditions, innovative and effective Kaizen solutions in a factory
11.00 Transfer to Hiroshima
14.00-18.00 Learning by History: Sightseeing of Hiroshima, cruise to the island of Mijajime, visit to the Temple of Itsukushima (We will look at all the monuments through the prism of cultural and historical conditions, which will bring us closer to the way of thinking and acting in the Japanese business).

DAY V. November 7, Wednesday, KYOTO

10.00 Departure to Kyoto
11.00-17.00 Learning by history & culture Sightseeing Kioto: Higashiyama, Gion, Kiyomizu-dera - a Buddhist temple complex located above the city, a visit to Fushimi Inari - Temple of Thousand Gates of Torii. (We will look at all the monuments through the prism of cultural and historical conditions, which will bring us closer to the way of thinking and acting in the Japanese business).
18:30 Transfer to do Ashigaka

DAY VI. November 8, Thursday, ASHIGAKA

10.00-18.00 World 5S Transformation Summit - Case Study Day How 5S has been implemented in city offices, schools, government institutions, production and service companies.

DAY VII. November 9, Friday, ASHIGAKA

10.00-18.00 World 5S Transformation Summit - Factory Tour Day During this day you will be able to visit selected factories: Ogura Metals, Kikuchi Gear, Ashigaka Printing, M Heart Plan, Soshuro, Tochigi Prefectural Technical High School, Suzuki Industry, Ashigaka City hall, and Ishi Machinery
18.00 Transfer to Tokyo

DAY VIII. November 10, Saturday, TOKYO

09.00-18.00 Learning by history & culture Sightseeing Tokyo: Asakusa, Shinjuku, Shibuya, Imperial Palace and Odaiba Island. Tokyo is one of the largest metropolises in the world where historical Buddhist temples are hidden between modern skyscrapers. During the all-day trip with a Polish-language guide, we will discover all aspects of the city, both historical and culinary, visiting the world-famous Tsukuji fish market, where we will eat the most delicious sushi in the world.
18.00 Free time to purchase souvenirs

DAY IX. November 11, Sunday, TOKYO

10:55-14:25 Flight Tokyo−Warsaw



Ms. Mami Ogura
President of Ogura Metal, a factory producing parts for super-fast Shinkansen trains, cars and construction industry. In their production plants they apply 5S as a key method of involving the company staff in processes improvement, but also as a way to use creativity of each and every employee.

Mr. Yoshinori Kikuchi
President of Kikuchi Gears and 5S Summit Programme Director. The company produces precision parts for air an motor industry.

Ms. Toshiko Kawanami
Kaizen supervisor and leadership mentor. Expert on improvement and adapting to the constantly changing environment and related processes. Ms. Kawanami co-operates with town councils with regards to production and service industry. We will also meet presidents and senior leaders operating in such trades as: printing, territorial administration, education and production of industrial machinery.

Mr. Hiroshi Ishi
President of Eco R company operating in the environmental protection and offering automobile recycling solutions. „Our main goal is to constantly follow our employees’ happiness and building a community based on engagement. Thanks to 5S an Kaizen we develop people and as a result they achieve our company goals.”


zgłoszenie do 27.09.2018 - 18 900 PLN + 23% VAT
zgłoszenie od 28.09.2018 - 22 670 PLN + 23% VAT

Informacje dodatkowe:


  • Application till 27.09.2018 22 670 PLN 18 900 PLN netto*
  • Application from 28.09.2018 22 670 PLN netto*


  • twin/double room per person 1 950 PLN netto
  • single room 3 900 PLN netto

** Flight Warsaw - Fukuoka - Tokyo - Warsaw

  • flight economy 4 200 PLN netto
  • flight business class 16 800 PLN netto 


  • Visiting hospitals/factories in a Company of experts and practitioners
  • Content related care of experienced consultants and translator
  • Accommodation in double-rooms
  • Board in accordance with the programme
  • Flights and internal transfers
  • Insurance
  • Certificate
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